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The Art of transitioning

Encourage your child to Embrace the Changes that are on the Journey to Success!

Transitioning brings Growth and Transformation!

I have transitioned through many schools from primary to secondary up to form 5, then from form 5 to a different form 6 school then to university. I have realized that each time there is a different challenge that I had to learn to overcome or get adjusted with and so from these experiences I understand how it can be a challenge for students to transition as they face so many changes especially amidst a global pandemic and I wanted to share some information to help you as a parent to support your child as they transition.

The change from one school to another or one class to another will affect each student differently!

As a result, each child will take a different amount of time to settle in and adjust.

It is not a race or competition to see who can transition faster or better!

Therefore, it is okay if your child transitions at a different pace. Remember to avoid comparisons

This next level is like a fresh chapter in your child's story

It is up to your child to capitalize on the new experiences to become all that they are meant to be. But how can your child capitalize on the new experiences? I created an acronym for CHANGE as a guide for your child to help them transition smoothly to their next level and new chapter.

  • Create detailed plans and strategies

If your child is going into a new school, there must be a strategy as they would experience a greater workload and/or more classes. Therefore strategies on how your child will manage their homework and assignments must be created to guide their actions. A plan is necessary as to how your child will maintain consistent studies along with their homework and assignments completion. The plan and strategy created will be based on your child's academic goals that they begin the school term with. On the other hand, if your child is going to a new class, an assessment and reflection of their former performance must be done to understand what strategies can be implemented to plan for the new school year.

  • Have good communication with teachers

Teachers plan, prepare and deliver the lesson plan to your child and the other students in the class. They have your child's best interest and are there to help. Maintaining good communication with your child's teacher will ensure that you are up to date with all your child is required to complete. Teach your child to also communicate with their teacher so they can clarify any misunderstandings during class or for any assignments. The better your child can communicate with their teacher, the more they can understand what is being taught and learn more effectively.

  • Acknowledge the faith and motivating factors

With transitioning there is some level of uncertainty and there will be challenges along the journey. Therefore, it is necessary that your child is involved in faith-building rituals daily such as prayer and/or Bible studies. This will help your child to trust that everything will work out for them so they can have the courage to keep going despite the challenges they face. Your child can make a list of motivating factors that helps them to push through challenges as they learn more about themselves on their journey. Most importantly it is essential that your child has internal inspiration which is a deep "why" that they can remember to give them that fuel to face whatever challenge and continue going and growing on their journey to become their best self.

  • Network with friends and make new friends

Begining a new school can take some time to gain new friends depending on your chid's personality. It is even more difficult for children to bond through online learning. Provide your child with the time, opportunity and an outlet to communicate and bond with their friends online and of course monitor your child's online interactions and set limits.

  • Get your child into a Support System

A support system can provide additional help for your child so they feel apart of a community where they can gain

practical steps in terms of managing their assignments and preparing for exams. As a parent, it is vital that you take some time to review your child's homework to ensure that it is completed and within the necessary standards. Your child may want additional company sometimes to complete their work, however, you may be unable to offer that additional time due to other commitments and may not be able to monitor your child the entire time they are completing their work. We at Survival Scholars provide a support system for students where they can bond and connect with other students just like themselves to form Studee Buddies as they grow together.

  • Establish the roles and responsibilities

A new chapter in a new school such as from primary to secondary school requires different roles and responsibilities. In secondary school, your child is required to make their own notes and have more responsibilities. In order for your child to perform their best, it is important that they understand their purpose as a student and the duties they are expected to perform similarly to the teacher having their unique duties as well.

I hope the information shared was helpful for you to help your child organize as they transition from one school to another.

Is your child transitioning from primary to secondary school and you would like your child to learn the art of transitioning smoothly from one school to the other?

Our 3 day virtual workshop "The Art of Transitioning" is upcoming on Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th September and your child will gain so many benefits such as:

Understanding their roles and responsibilities as a student

Creating Learning Goals

Study Strategies

How they can maintain great communication with their teacher to maximize their understanding of what is being taught

Their learning styles and multiple intelligences as to how they learn best on their own and much more

Click the link to register your child to join us in our engaging, entertaining and educational workshop


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