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Building Resilient Students

Welcome to Survival Scholars
We help students to overcome the struggles they face during their studies and school journey so they can strive to do their best.  Are you a parent who wants support to help your child through their studies and educational journey so they can strive for their best despite the stresses they face?  Survival Scholars is here for you!  We care about how your child manages the challenges they face throughout their educational journey and we are here to support you.
A proactive approach to MENTAL HEALTH



We understand the importance of self care and mental wellness in today's students.
We Offer:
Dawsher Charles
The young Lady with the vision & plan
Leading us to the Future of Education!

Hello Dear, I am Dawsher Charles known as the “Resilient Warrior” by students who I engage with because they are inspired by my strength and tenacity to overcome obstacles.  After sharing my story, they are motivated to perform their best to accomplish their goals despite whatever challenges come their way.

In my experience over 7 years of interacting with thousands of young people, I observed 3 challenges they experience:

  • A lack of positive coping skills

  • Little motivation to succeed

  • The inability to swiftly bounce back from difficulties

experience WITH US!



"When the world makes you feel like nothing, Survival Scholars makes you feel like something <3."
Shania Tia Moore-Deo



"Survival Scholars is a great place for support and advice in managing and coping with any form of adversity throughout your educational journey."
Nicheel Bayne



"They helped me through tough times and still continue to help me through them.  I would recommend them to EVERYONE!!! Thank you So much"
Rianne Patterson
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