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Survival Scholars is a social enterprise that empowers and equips students through the arts and storytelling with quality education in social and emotional skills.  We empower students to build their resilience to positively cope with school and life's changes and challenges so they can maintain positive mental health and wellbeing as they manage their studies and school journey to become success stories.



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Survival Scholars is founded and managed by Dawsher Charles.  Survival Scholars was conceptualized in 2017 on Dawsher’s second year, first semester of completing her degree.  Dawsher was in a depressive state when she began to realize the harsh reality of school where many of her classmates continuously verbalized wanting to get their degree certificate and quickly leave school.  Dawsher remembers learning to be fun and enjoyable and not a tedious task where one only thinks of being done.  This led her to develop Survival Scholars to help empower students to take the burden off of school by mastering themselves and equipping them with coping skills so that they can endure the school system to the end.  The Survival Scholars name came about as she realized that the education system is built to facilitate the survival of the fittest and she understands many students endure a lot of challenges along their journey but she believed that no matter what students go through, they can still end as scholars, performing their best in school.  Survival Scholars was officially registered in August 2019.  In 2021, Survival Scholars was changed to be a company named Survival Scholars Ltd and the NGO Survival Scholars Society was also registered. 

Schools We've Worked with:

  1. Apex Academy International

  2. Barataria North Secondary School

  3. Barataria South Secondary School

  4. Couva Anglican Primary School

  5. Good Shepherd Primary School

  6. Holy Faith Convent

  7. Maloney Government Primary School

  8. Morvant Laventille Secondary School

  9. Mount Hope Secondary School

  10. Mt Lambert RC Primary School

  11. Point Fortin East Secondary School

  12. Point Fortin RC School

  13. St Georges College

  14. San Fernando West Secondary School

  15. San Juan North Secondary School

  16. San Juan South Secondary School

  17. Success Laventille Secondary School

  18. Trinity College East

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Our Story


To be the leading institute that empowers and equips students with the resilience tools and techniques needed to manage their studies and school journey to surmount any challenges that they encounter along their journey, succeed at their heart's desires and shine in all that they do to become success stories 


To empower, engage, entertain and educate students to be resilient through the arts and storytelling so they can cope in a healthy, positive and productive manner with their exams and educational journey in order to have a balance between their mental health and wellness with their academic performance 


We are transforming and innovating education to make learning entertaining and engaging for students so that they develop the love for learning to journey through life as lifelong learners while they build their mental, social and emotional skills needed for life as they create their unique success stories.

OUR goals


Assist students with effective time management so that they understand the significance of their self-care while engaging in activities in addition to their schoolwork such as personal development programs, entrepreneurship, volunteerism, sports, music and the arts.


Empower students to rise above challenges and to bounce back stronger despite the failures or trials they encounter during school and in life.


Cultivate the quality to operate with love, empathy, respect, consideration, understanding and kindness towards themselves and others.


Develop students holistically not only in education but also in skills that add to their personal development such as character development, soft skills, emotional intelligence, social entrepreneurship, art, music, sports and other ventures.


Encourage students to be responsible for their learning where they take the initiative to read ahead, create their own notes and recreate content to suit each area of their multiple intelligence.


Facilitate students' understanding and awareness of their learning styles, emotional triggers, study habits, strengths and weaknesses so that they can use techniques that best suit their uniqueness. 


Survival Scholars goals aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


Goal 3

Good health and well-being as we have a focus on mental health and wellness as well as self-care in education where we work towards ensuring students have a balance between their mental wellness and academic achievement.  We advocate for trauma-sensitive schools so that children with deviant behavior are treated with empathy and compassion so no child is left behind

Goal 8

Decent work and economic growth where we have a focus on the whole child development to become holistic individuals who possess a wealth of skills and knowledge to add value to the workplace.  Additionally, we encourage and advocate for the development of more social entrepreneurs to positively impact our world today.

Goal 16

Peace, justice and strong institutions where we focus on peace education and have a social and emotional component in all of our programs.  We develop skills such as emotional intelligence, anger management, conflict resolution and equip students with coping skills so that they respond to life’s challenges in a healthy, positive and productive manner.

Goal 4

Quality education as we empower students with all the essential skills that develops the whole child.  These skills are needed to thrive throughout their educational journey and life so they grow to become productive leaders of tomorrow.

Goal 13

We focus on environmental responsibility and emotional well-being by turning everyday discards into creative learning tools.  Our goal is to empower children to become well-rounded individuals with a wealth of skills and knowledge to contribute to a sustainable future.  By reusing plastic bottles, bags, and socks to make cool puppets and more, we're not only reducing waste but also sparking creativity and environmental awareness in young minds. 

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Vision, Mission and Purpose
Our Goals

OUR team


Dawsher Charles


Dawsher is the founder and Managing director of Survival Scholars.  She conceptualized the organization in 2017 and fully registered the organization in 2019.  Dawsher is a nature lover and her favorite color is yellow. 

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Jasmine is the heart and soul of Survival Scholars! She brings delight to the hearts of children across the nation and loves helping students through tough situations! 


Chief Officer of FUN!

operational team

Jordan Smith

Chief Technical Officer 

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Our Team
Our Milestones
Award winning youth organisation
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Our Awards
Our partners
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