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The Resilient Warrior 


I empower students to develop essential skills to strive in their studies and school journey during the 21st century to become success stories in the areas of:

  1. Self-awareness

  2. Building Resilience

  3. Emotional intelligence and social skills

  4. Purpose and passion

  5. Positive coping skills

  6. Discipline and self-control

  7. Increased motivation and momentum

  8. Improved academic performance

My volunteer experience 

  • The Youth Representative for the Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago

  • The Lead of Community and Outreach for the League of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

  • The Member of Education for Youth Government of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Camp Coordinator for Eston’s Summer Camp

  • Treasurer of The Economics Society of the University of the West Indies 

  • President of the Inter School-based Christian Fellowship Club

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  • A 30 under 30 award change-maker honoree 

  • The Diana change maker Award

  • Awarded the Commonwealth youth award for excellence in development work

  • Placed top in the Caribbean placing 6th in CSEC Economics and 2nd in CAPE Management of Business Merit List

  • Topped my school in CSEC exams being awarded 7 awards for topping all my classes

  • Award of Appreciation from my school for placing in the Caribbean for CSEC

  • Achieved the Maya Angelou Award, now known as the Phoenix award for exemplifying Resilience

  • Achieved the Mango Tree Award for Resilience specifically Endurance

  • Winner of the SITAL College Business Award scholarship

  • Achieved 2 awards for topping CAPE Management of Business in my school

  • A Member of the Caribbean Development Bank, Vybzing Workshop on Transformation and Innovation

  • A Presenter on Social Entrepreneurship at the Caribbean Youth Leaders Summit hosted by the Caribbean Regional Youth Council

  • Bronze Awardee of The President Award of Trinidad and Tobago


I believe that I am a true representation of a Survival Scholar!  My desire is to motivate and encourage other students to be Survival Scholars to create more Success Stories and build the Survival Scholars Society.


My Story

I am a survivor and a scholar in my own right as I have endured many struggles including bullying, the death of my father, failing my classes, having to juggle helping my dad with 3 businesses simultaneously with school, an unstable living environment where my dad and I relocated 11 times within 3 years, being emotionally and physically abused, being physically and emotionally neglected by my mum.  However, despite these traumatic experiences, I was able to surmount these struggles to strive in my studies and school journey to become a Success story and I am using the Shine of my light to positively impact many other students’ lives. 


My Values


No matter the challenges I have experienced in life, I always believe everything happens for a greater purpose and I must admit that my faith in God always allow for everything to work out for the higher good and this is the foundation of my Resilience and being


From the day I discovered my purpose and the vision God called me to fulfill, it is indeed bigger than myself and takes a lot of courage to push through to overcome the challenges in order to serve students and young people


I journey through life as a life-long learner as I believe there is always something new to learn every day through our experiences, mentors, courses, books and others' stories


The more we gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding not only about the world but more about ourselves, we can definitely experience the freedom that God gave us mentally, physically, holistically.  As I say this I am reminded that freedom is actually not free as it does take discipline and commitment to live life by design and not default

My Approach

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I have a very innovative and compassionate approach to coaching students and parents as well as consulting with school officials.  I understand what it feels like to endure many storms and struggles throughout one’s school journey and how this can affect the drive of students to succeed.  Moreover, I understand how it feels to be labeled the “Troubled Child” or “Trouble Maker” during one’s school journey, thus I can empathize with students who face this similar fate.  My life purpose is to help students strive in their studies and school journey to become success stories and ensure that no student is left behind in the education system. 

I am unique from other coaches because not only have I gone through various traumatic experiences but I have managed to excel through these difficulties by healing through learning and expanding my knowledge and now I want to help other students do the same.  I use the ARTS such as (drama, music, poetry, puppets) fun games and craft activities to get students involved and engaged in the sessions as well as ask strategic questions using worksheets so they can recognize areas for improvement to reach their full potential.

I connect with students and they open up to me to create a comprehensive plan that will ensure they surmount any challenges, succeed in all they do and shine like the beautiful stars they were born to be.

Why Choose Me?

(The 3 R's)

I am different from other coaches because of the 3 R’s I bring in all my sessions:

I am Real with students because I speak the truth and be authentic with them. 



I am very Relatable as I am close to their age and have experienced challenges that they are currently experiencing which helps me to understand their struggles on a deeper level. 


I make students feel Relaxed as I create a safe space in their presence so they feel comfortable to open up to me and share their deepest truth.

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My Education, Skills & Training

I am a lifelong learner as I continuously seek knowledge to add value to the students I pour into and to enhance the advice I provide in all the programs we offer.  I possess a degree in economics, numerous certifications in child development from the Positive Mindset Inc., Behavioral Institute and other organizations. These certification courses include:

  • Trauma and Crisis Management Specialist

  • Developing and Improving Self-Control in Children

  • Building Resilience in Children

  • The Effects of Child Abuse: A male Perspective

  • Helping Distressed Kids

  • Forgiveness Therapy 

  • Teen Runaways

  • The Psychological Effect of the Absent Father

  • Creating a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom

  • Identifying and Coping with Emotional Abuse

  • Nurturing a Culture of Self-Esteem in the Home

  • Supporting the Anxious Child

  • Strategies for Dealing with Low Self-Esteem in Children

  • Counseling Children and Youth

  • Play Therapy Level One

  • Specific Learning Disabilities

  • Developing and Improving Social Skills in Children

  • Building Positive Compassionate Classroom Spaces

  • Child and Adolescent Greif Counseling with Mindfulness, Art and Play Therapy

  • Adolescent Suicide Training for Clinicians

  • Understanding and Intervening in Bullying and The Children Act 2012

  • The Church Issue with Pornography: A Silent Epidemic Workshop

  • Supporting Teens who Self-Injure: A Practical Approach Workshop          ​

  • Transform Your Self-Esteem

Development Workshops I have completed include:

  • Academy for Diplomacy in Leadership, Debating and Public Relations

  • SPSS Proficiency Workshop​

  • Effective Public Speaking and Presentation at theUniversity of the West Indies​

  • Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Financial Literacy Workshop

  • UWI Guild of Students Money Talks Certificate

  • Etiquette and Business Intelligence Certificate


I see myself as a lifelong learner as I continuously seek to update my skills and knowledge in every opportunity I get to further empower and enhance students’ wellbeing.


My Experience

I have over 7 years of experience in youth development with thousands of students from giving lessons, youth councils, community engagement, motivational speeches, coordinating camps, one on one and group coaching sessions, workshops and webinars. 

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