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reminders for exams

Last leg of reminders to focus on for exams to help your child be calm and confident for their exams


Remind your child of the FACTS and Celebrate it with them

  • Remind your child of all their efforts for the length of time they have been practicing for their exams

  • Remind your child how many years or months ago they have been diligent and dedicated towards preparing for their exams

  • Remind your child of their improvements which can be seen in where they have grown from in their grades to where they are now

Allow your child to Draw and Color powerful Quotes and Positive Affirmations

This will inspire them, build their confidence and remind your child of their Resilience. Here are some affirmations your child can use: I am Smart, I am Calm, I am Resilient, I will do my best. Below is a quote that they can use:


Remind your child to focus on the things they Can Control

These include Their thoughts, their feelings and actions. Engage your child in prayer or any spiritual activity that will boost their faith to hand over the things they have no control over.

Allow your child to do some exercises

  1. Using their fingers, your child can do the star breathing exercise

2. 54321 Grounding exercise so your child can get out their head to stop thinking negative thoughts by becoming more aware of their surroundings

3. Encourage your child to engage in Yoga and some stretching exercises to reduce stress and improve their concentration for their exams.

4. Pray with your child and remind your child that once they do their Best, God will do the Rest.

All the very Best to all the SEA students who are about to write exams, I want to remind both you and your child that they have put in the work and they will reap the rewards. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Blessings


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