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Grass Initiative

What does GRASS stand for?

  1. Goals Setting

  2. Reminder Systems

  3. Actions

  4. Sacrifices

  5. Satisfaction/ Success

Why start with the GRASS Initiative?

The GRASS Initiative is an Analogy used to compare a simple plant organism such as grass to that of human life.

Features of GRASS:

  1. Grows through almost any medium, eg. grows through concrete and wire fencing – this represents our strength to survive and grow through any storms in life

  2. Grows under harsh conditions, eg. swampy water, snow and deserted land- this signifies our ability to withstand and overcome difficult circumstances

  3. Grows over a lot of the earth’s surface – this indicates our ability to grow in abundance in every aspect of our lives, even in aspects we never thought was possible

  4. Grows wildly - this illustrates how we grow imperfectly and uniquely as human beings which sets us apart

  5. Feeds many livestock animals – this identifies the characteristic that each of us should be of service to others, by fulfilling our distinctive God-given purpose, which can aid in our holistic growth

1. Goals Setting

  • Know specifically what you want (through mediation or reflection)

  • Your goals should be so big that it makes you excited and frightened at the same time

  • Specific time frame: short, medium and long term goals

2. Reminder Systems

  • Your Why - what is the specific reason you would like to attain this goal?

  • Using the Daily planner system - as simple as it may seem, write down your plans daily or weekly

  • Vision Board - this is a collage of images and affirmations of one's dreams and desires. It serves as motivation, inspiration and a reminder of goals to be achieved. Your vision board can be a physical hard copy in your room and/or workspace and/or soft copy on your laptop and/or phone

  • Accountability groups or partners - who are the friends or partners that ensure you did what you planned or who helped you with a particular task to make you reach one step closer to accomplishing your goal?

3. Actions

  • Outlining specific steps to attain your goals

  • Moving in cohesion with reminder systems

  • Types of habits that are cultivated - studies have concluded that it takes approximately 21 days to create a new habit

  • Overcoming fear - fear can paralyse us from taking the actions needed to accomplish our goals. Do not fall prey of fear

  • Taking risks - great rewards can be reaped from taking risks. (Erin Hanson)"What if I Fall? Oh but my darling, what if you Fly?" You would not know the outcome until you take the risk by trying

  • Being persistent & consistent

  • Motivation: Look at videos of mentors/life coaches, quotes that ignite the fire within us, inspirational Facebook pages and books to keep you inspired

  • Prayer - after you have done your best in all that you can, use prayer coupled with your faith to allow God to do the rest

4. Sacrifices

  • What do you love to do that you would need to give up in order to accomplish your goals?

5. Success/ Satisfaction

  • Gratitude is the feeling that is associated with success. A goal achieved makes us grateful for all the trials we encountered prior to achieving the goal. It also propels us to set bigger goals that may surpass the difficulty of the previous goal.

  • Although you may not have accomplished a set goal, you may have come close or at least halfway there. Therefore, you can use this progress as the platform to plan ahead so as to fully accomplish the goal. Additionally, if you have not successfully achieved a specific goal, you should still be satisfied with the journey and hard work you have put in, knowing that you tried your utmost best. This process of growth is invaluable and powerful as you are aware that you are one step closer to achieving your goal.

Thank you for reading, we hope that the information shared is put to use and that it is beneficial to you!



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