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Building Resilient Students

We are the leading institute in the Caribbean for all things puppetry. 
Making Puppetry a main tool used in schools for de-stressing and educating students
Welcome to Our Puppet Palace!
A proactive and (FUN) approach to mental health (in education)



We understand the importance of self care and mental wellness in today's students.
We Offer:
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The young Lady with the vision & plan

Hello Dear, I am Dawsher Charles known as the “Resilient Warrior” by students who I engage with because they are inspired by my strength and tenacity to overcome obstacles.  After sharing my story, they are motivated to perform their best to accomplish their goals despite whatever challenges come their way.

In my experience over 7 years of interacting with thousands of young people, I observed 3 challenges they experience:

  • A lack of positive coping skills

  • Little motivation to succeed

  • The inability to swiftly bounce back from difficulties

Dawsher Charles
Leading us to the Future of Education!
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  • Dawsher, what do you do exactly?"
    I use storytelling along with the arts to empower and educate students with social and emotional learning to build their resilience so they can cope along their exam preparation and educational journey in all our programs.
  • Who do you work with Dawsher?
    My main focus is students ages 5 to 23 years. Additionally, in some of our programs, it is necessary that we work with parents, teachers and principals as well. A program such as coaching requires me to work with the parents to ensure that they are making necessary changes to model the desired behavior to treat with their children more effectively. Another program like Cultivating Trauma-Invested Classrooms is essential for us to work with teachers and principals so they can understand the importance of mental health in education and how to adopt this approach in teaching and interacting with students.
  • Are you a psychologist?
    No I am not. I am more of an educator and facilitator that help students to become more self-aware so they can discover the unique tools they need to overcome the obstacles that come in their part while equipping students with the tools necessary to work towards reaching their full potential in their exams and educational journey.
  • What makes you certified to do this?
    I am a certified trauma and crisis management specialist and I am continuously trained in child and youth development workshops and programs with reputable organizations.
  • Do you provide psychological programs?
    We do not provide psychological programs. We offer programs that empower students with social and emotional learning skills, de-stressor events that assist students with stress management in order to ensure they have a proactive approach to balance their mental wellness and academic achievement in addition to provide a support system for students to maintain their self-care, mental and emotional wellbeing where they engage in fun recreational activities to have balance in their school journey.
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